Transforming vendor risk management in healthcare.

(And putting an end to the vendor security questionnaire.)

The average healthcare organization has 1,300+ vendors. Meanwhile, the majority of breaches make their way in through third parties. And yet, the industry’s current TPRM approaches are built around lengthy assessments that are not scalable, not standardized, and not as effective as they could be. That’s why we’re remaking the industry’s approach—together.

Meet CORL Cleared™, a simple risk methodology that eliminates complex questionnaires, accelerates contracting, provides deeper understanding, actively engages vendors, and empowers you cybersecurity teams to focus on the things that really matter. The best part? It already has the support of some of healthcare’s fastest-growing vendors.

I’d love to see the end of the questionnaire. Send me more information.

CORL Cleared engages the entire industry around a more effective, risk-aligned approach to healthcare TPRM.

Stop the wild goose chase.

End the questionnaire chase-down with an approach that has built-in validation and vendor-led reporting.

Know more, risk less.

Achieve deep insight into our vendor’s risk postures with a risk-correlated methodology that focuses on <19 requirements that really matter.

Accelerate contracting.

Satisfy your stakeholders and foster agility in your organization by transforming TPRM from a bottleneck into a contract accelerator.

Strengthen vendor relationships.

Form more transparent, collaborative, and enduring business relationships with your network of vendors and suppliers.

Step into the future of TPRM.

The questionnaire’s demise, before your very eyes.

CORL Cleared is about empowering healthcare providers, payors, and their vendors… starting now. Discover what we're all about.

Want to see the whole thing?

Built at the heart of the contract. Loved by payor, providers, and vendors.

CORL Cleared was developed in direct response to the feedback of vendors and the healthcare organizations the serve. Here is what they have to say.

Why didn’t healthcare do this sooner? It makes so much sense.

– CISO, Top 100 Healthcare Provider

CORL Cleared enables us to be contract read before the contract.

– Sales Director, Fortune 500 HealthTech Company

Take the CORL Cleared journey and never look back.

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