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the vendor risk assessment problem.

The end of the assessment as you know it.

Over the years, CORL has assessed enough vendors to know that the traditional vendor security questionnaire isn’t the way of the future. And now, we’re defining a new standard for vendors that eliminates their most familiar risk assessment pain points.  

CORL redefines the TPRM process for vendors to accelerate revenue, reduce internal burden, and drive down the risk of a breach. Already trusted by some of healthcare’s largest providers, we believe that solving the TPRM problem begins with empowering vendors to proactively prepare.  

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CORL delivers an immediate ROI and leaves you more secure than it found you.

End the madness.

Put an end to countless controls, redundant questions, and backbreaking volume by harnessing our AI-powered assessment assistant and dynamic services to accelerate the response process.  

Measurably reduce risk.

Focus on the security indicators that really matter to your clients and seamlessly align cybersecurity efforts with your commercial objectives. 

Grow your healthcare business.

Increase your visibility and access new opportunities through the CORL Cleared™ Vendor Directory, which makes it easy for hospitals to find you (and know you care about security).  

Get back to your core competency.

Free your sales team from red tape and free your cybersecurity team from paperwork so that everyone can focus on moving your business forward.

Stop with all the assessments.

Tackle assessment volume head-on.

CORL Cleared™ is about empowering vendors and their customers… starting now. Watch our explainer video below to learn more.

Your customers will love it.
You’ll love it even more.

CORL Cleared™ was developed in direct response to the feedback of vendors and the healthcare organizations they serve. Here is what they had to say.

If a vendor met the CORL Cleared requirements, I would feel no need to assess them.”

– CISO, Top 100 Healthcare Provider

It’s a breath of fresh air, and it actually improves our security posture along the way.”

– Sales Director, Fortune 500 HealthTech Company

For once, you ask the questions.

How can I speed up my deal cycle and win new business?

TPRM is among the greatest obstacles to the healthcare sale. Together, CORL Cleared™ and the RITHM cybersecurity subscription provide a proactive and achievable path to contract readiness for vendors—one that enables them to accelerate their deals, strengthen their client relationships, and be found by new prospects. Not ready to get CORL Cleared™? Use our AI-enabled and managed responses to bust the assessment backlog once and for all.

How does CORL’s AI solution work?

CORL Companion is an AI assistant that is designed to streamline and simplify assessment response to any CORL control questionnaires. It automatically generates responses based on evidence and artifacts you’ve already provided, then allows you to review answers in minutes to dramatically improve response speed and quality. In fact, CORL Companion can reduce the time you spend on CORL questionnaires by up to 80%, so that your team can focus on selling. 

How does CORL Cleared™ differ from an assessment?

CORL Cleared™ differs from a traditional vendor security questionnaire or assessment in four important ways.
First, it is radically simpler. Instead of surfacing hundreds of controls, CORL Cleared™ focuses on less than 20 key requirements. These requirements are directly correlated to security posture.
Second, it builds upon established assurances and efforts that a vendor is already doing. In this way, it empowers vendors to affirm their posture and focus on efforts that actually reduce risk.
Third, by their nature, vendor security questionnaires are defined by providers, with high variance from one provider to the next. By contrast, CORL Cleared™ was shaped by the input of healthcare organizations and their vendors with an eye on standardization across the healthcare ecosystem.
Fourth, placement in the contract lifecycle before the buyer in market even starts the contracting process, and can also extend long beyond to strengthen the loyalty and longevity of your contracts.

Are my customers confident in the CORL Cleared™ approach?

Yes, both CORL and Meditology have a long track record serving some of healthcare’s largest, most security-conscious payors and providers. Our clients recognize that TPRM is broken and unsustainable in its current state and have confidence that the CORL Cleared™ model delivers on all the characteristics needed to solve the problem for everyone involved.
CORL Cleared™’s approach is architected to meet H3PT’s six key requirements, which were developed through rich collaboration between payors, providers, and vendors. H3PT is a collaborative, neutral, non-profit forum chartered to bring stakeholders together in defining key requirements for the future of TPRM. CORL Cleared™ is the first solution on the market to operationalize these requirements in a way that is achievable for real stakeholders like you.

What does the CORL Cleared journey involve?

Our CORL Cleared™ journey provides vendors with a rapid, frictionless approach to affirm their security posture and position themselves for contracting in healthcare. After accessing the CORL Cleared Vendor Portal, you will be invited to complete a simple, risk-aligned question set focused on our <20 requirements. Based on your results, we’ll give you a sense of where you stand relative to healthcare’s contracting requirements and map a pragmatic approach to get you ready to contract.  
Vendors who meet the CORL Cleared™ criteria are entered into the CORL Cleared™ Vendor Directory, where they can be easily found by members of the CORL Client Community. In addition, vendors are provided tools to share and showcase their CORL Cleared™ status to non-CORL Clients in the broader healthcare ecosystem. 

Start the journey with CORL and never look back.

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