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Whether you’re just forming your TPRM program, or you’ve been doing vendor assessments for decades, one thing is for sure: the current approach isn’t working for anyone.

With CORL, you can finally make high-speed TPRM a reality in your organization. Leverage the best of technology and the benefit of a trusted partnership to accelerate results, reduce internal burden, improve agility, and gain new insight across your vendor risk landscape.

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Finally, TPRM can outpace the growth in your vendor landscape.

Here’s how CORL makes it possible:

Insight without delay.

Complete assessments more efficiently, achieve evidence-based validation across your vendor landscape, tap into the power of generative AI, and transform TPRM into a deal accelerator, instead of a roadblock.

A clearer focus.

Know where to focus in your third-party risk landscape with risk tiering that allows you to prioritize vendors, right-size your approach, optimize resource allocation, and move faster than ever.

Agile engagement approach.

Leverage the best of technology and services to work towards your organization’s specific TPRM objectives. Let us meet you where you are in your journey, address your immediate needs, and move you closer to your long-term goals.

Forward-looking TPRM.

Help shape the assessment-less future of TPRM. Work with vendors that have been pre-cleared for secure contracting, and shape new approaches that build upon assurances and account for nuanced realities.

What problems can CORL help you solve?

Select the statement that most describes your organization and discover what CORL can do.

I am just starting my TPRM program.

CORL can help you optimize your program structure and get ramped up quickly, so that you can assess vendors efficiently, manage risk effectively, and get results rapidly. CORL delivers:  

- TPRM program design and start-up 
- Risk-aligned vendor tiering  
- Managed and autonomous assessments 
- GRC and scorecard integrations 

I need to get assessments done faster. 

CORL empowers payors and providers to assess vendors faster, optimize internal resource utilization, and achieve a meaningful understanding of risk across their entire third-party landscape. CORL delivers: 

-Pre-assessment data and risk tiering 
- Pre-cleared vendor directory 
- Managed and autonomous assessments 
- GRC and scorecard integrations 

I want to increase the rigor of my TPRM program and validate results. 

CORL combines deep knowledge of healthcare cybersecurity with a service-centered solution that enables you to achieve validated insight across your vendor community and prioritize areas with the greatest level of risk. CORL delivers:  

- Assurance-aligned methodology 
- Assessment validation 
- GRC and scorecard integrations 
- Remediation management and reporting 
- Third-party incident response 

I’m struggling to scale TPRM as my organization contracts more vendors. 

CORL’s agile engagement approach enables you to easily scale as your needs evolve. Accommodate your growing vendor landscape with a solution that allows you to more effectively prioritize, reduce assessment volume, and accelerate assessment completion.  CORL delivers: 

- On-demand model  
- Pre-assessment data and risk tiering 
- Managed and autonomous assessments 
- Active vendor engagement and validation  
- GRC and scorecard integrations 

I’m looking for a whole new approach to TPRM.

CORL Cleared™ is working towards the end of the security risk assessment with a risk-aligned approach that builds upon existing assurances. Embrace fewer, more meaningful controls and proactively identify vendors who have been cleared for contracting. CORL delivers:  

- Pre-assessment data and risk tiering 
- Assurance-aligned methodology 
- Pre-cleared vendor directory 
- CORL Cleared™ and CORL Cleared+ risk evaluation  
- Managed and autonomous assessments 

For once, you ask the questions.

How do I address assessment backlogs in my TPRM program?

It is not uncommon for healthcare providers to experience significant backlogs due to high assessment volume. In addition to overburdening internal resources, these backlogs can cause critical delays in the contracting process. At CORL, we address assessment backlogs directly with a service-centered solution that radically accelerates assessment throughput. Our solution combines high-powered technology and expert-led services to solve the operational problem that is left unresolved by most TPRM tools on the market.  

Perhaps most importantly, we also address assessment backlogs by right-sizing assessment approach based on a vendor’s level of risk and potential business impact. Pre-assessment data from our proprietary healthcare vendor data set based on more than a decade of assessing vendors in healthcare adds additional depth of insight without ever having to contact the vendor to complete a questionnaire. We offer multiple assessment approaches, including deep dive control reviews and simpler, programmatic reviews—each with the option of CORL validation on vendor responses and artifacts or vendor-self attested responses that your team reviews. Last, but not least, we empower providers to choose vendors who have already completed a CORL-validated assessment with the CORL Cleared™ Vendor Directory.

How do I adapt to fluctuations in assessment volume?

By nature, vendor security assessments are not consistent. They tend to come in large batches that correlate with the buying cycle. When high-volume periods occur, internal resources can be quickly overwhelmed as the capacity to complete assessments is outpaced by their demand. During these periods, TPRM technologies alone cannot solve the problem. By the same token, tactical staff augmentation alone can compromise quality, leading to costly errors that cause problems down the line.

By combining dynamic technology and skilled services, CORL’s solution empowers healthcare organizations to scale capacity on demand while containing costs. Our managed assessment services are delivered by members of our team with deep expertise in healthcare cybersecurity and compliance. They are fully integrated with our technology solution. The result? An agile TPRM program with consistently exceptional quality and insight.

I have a GRC, but TPRM is still weighing down my organization. Why is that?

GRCs play a valuable role in TPRM efforts, but they aren’t sufficient to solve the heart of the problem. Many of healthcare’s TPRM challenges are operational in nature—chasing vendors, validating results, organizing your problem. CORL delivers expert managed services to address these challenges in a way that is skillful, agile, and affordable. In addition, our solution includes seamless integration with GRCs to uphold critical continuity in your data and results. Our clients with GRCs view CORL as a powerful catalyst for even greater return on their GRC investments.  

How should I prioritize my vendors from a TPRM perspective?

Vendor prioritization is central to a successful TPRM program. But for many healthcare organizations, vendors continue to be treated in a homogenized way, regardless of the nature of their products, their level of risk, and their potential impact on the business if compromised. Generally, vendors with network access who are handling large volumes of PHI should be prioritized for more rigorous risk evaluation. The CORL solution prioritizes vendors dynamically based on these variables. In addition, we consider pre-assessment data, including assurances and CORL Cleared™ status, in our evaluation of vendor risk. This enables our healthcare clients to focus their TPRM efforts in the areas that will bring about the greatest tangible reduction to risk. 

Is response validation required for every vendor?

At CORL, we view TPRM as a journey more than a destination. Of course, in an ideal world, providers would have validation for every vendor response. But the reality is that the resources are constrained, the vendors are numerous, and the controls are many. As an organization whose executive team includes former healthcare CISOs and whose company DNA includes a commitment to cybersecurity rigor, we deliver best-in-class response validation for providers of all sizes. But we are as committed to realism as we are to rigor. For most of our customers, that means we focus validation on high-risk vendors and error prone responses. Many of our customers will opt to scale their approach to validation over time, adding more and more validation as TPRM capacity and efficiency increases. From the program just getting started to the one with comprehensive validation built-in, we support providers at every stage of the TPRM journey. 

What questions should I be asking my vendors, anyway?

It is not uncommon for security questionnaires to include hundreds of individual controls. But the reality is that many of these controls have been asked before, and others could be easily consolidated with more meaningful indicators of risk. While many of our clients prefer to design their own questionnaires and we operationally support this effort, we also firmly believe solving the TPRM program means focusing on a smaller set of key risk indicators. By aligning our efforts around these indicators, we can consolidate controls, eliminate backlogs, improve contract velocity, and have a more innovative and secure healthcare ecosystem. 

Is there any alternative to the vendor risk assessment?

At CORL, we firmly believe vendor risk assessments are not the way of the future and are working towards a bold vision for the future of TPRM—one that centers on key risk indicators over individual controls. CORL Cleared™ identified its key risk indicators based on the cybersecurity efforts providers value, including widely respected assurances. CORL Cleared™ rewards the efforts vendors are taking to improve risk posture, and harnesses proof of these efforts to bypass lengthy assessments altogether. Our provider clients who engage with CORL Cleared™ vendors agree that this approach is even more impactful than the assessment and have chosen to accept CORL Cleared™ status as a signal of contract readiness. Because this approach has the power to accelerate a vendor’s sales and enhance their attractiveness to providers and other healthcare organizations, many vendors have chosen to proactively pursue CORL Cleared™ status.

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