Mission Vision and Values

Empowering trust in the digital age, we are dedicated to providing robust cybersecurity solutions that protect healthcare organizations from evolving threats.

Our mission is to illuminate the risks, ensuring resilience, quality, and peace of mind.

LIGHTS: Charting the Future of Cybersecurity with Leadership, Integrity, Growth, and Teamwork in Healthcare

L – Leadership:
We know that leadership begins and ends with strong people. We continue to solidify and renew our role at the helm of the industry by recruiting exceptional leaders who have walked in our customers' shoes and fostering an environment where everyone can rise to be a leader. 

I – Integrity:
By placing integrity, quality, and personal accountability at the center of everything we do, we distinguish ourselves from competitors and forge lasting bonds of trust with our customers and the broader community. A spirit of accountability and ownership permeates our entire organization—from the C-suite to the cybersecurity front lines. 

G – Growth:
In the fast-moving cybersecurity space, failing to grow is falling behind. We cultivate growth in our products and services, in the skillsets and achievements of our team members, and in our relationships with our clients. Through sustained growth, we continue to make progress in redefining and elevating cybersecurity practices industry-wide. 

H – Healthcare Focused:
Healthcare's security needs are unparalleled, and its cost of compromise is altogether unmatched. Our focus on healthcare extends beneath the surface, evidenced by our extensive relationships with healthcare organizations and vendors, our team, which has deep operational experience in healthcare cybersecurity, and our role as expert witness to the OCR.

T – Teamwork:
We recognize that together is better and foster a culture of cross-functional collaboration and teamwork within our organization. We extend this commitment to teamwork externally as we bring healthcare payors, providers, vendors, and other stakeholders together to remake broken practices and transform the very fabric of trust. 

S – Security Oriented:
Security is why we exist. Everything we do advances and enables more secure interactions within the digital ecosystems of our clients. Our commitment to security intersects with our focus on efficiency, humanity, and quality, collectively lowering risk and increasing confidence throughout the healthcare ecosystem.


Before and especially after the pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of hospitals and healthcare providers affected by a data breach. In June 2023, the first healthcare facility was closed due to a ransomware attack. It’s why our focus is keeping the lights on in the healthcare industry, to help save lives.

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