CORL Redefines Speed of Security Assessment Response with CORL Companion

June 12, 2024 – ATLANTA, GA – CORL, the market’s leading service-centered solution for third-party risk management (TPRM) in healthcare, today announced the release of CORL Companion, an AI-powered assistant for healthcare vendors to automate and enhance security assessment response. The release reflects CORL’s continued attention on the healthcare vendor as a primary stakeholder in the third-party risk landscape. 

CORL Companion goes beyond passive question reuse, enabling healthcare vendors to automatically generate high-quality answers to CORL and non-CORL security assessments using a combination of their profile data, past assessments, assurances, evidence, and other documentation. This approach is aligned with CORL’s breakthrough CORL Cleared™ methodology, which seeks to bring widely trusted healthcare assurances and risk assessments into tighter alignment to alleviate the burden on healthcare vendors. 

Uniquely Supporting Healthcare Vendors  

Healthcare has unique cybersecurity, risk, and compliance needs. Since its inception, CORL has been dedicated to addressing the needs of this underserved space, which is known for its intense threats and exceedingly high cost of compromise. CORL believes solving TPRM in healthcare requires an equal focus on the healthcare organization and the third-party vendor. 

“The vendor has always been an underserved constituent in the third-party risk landscape; and yet, they hold the keys to reducing cyber risk,” said Mikael Öhman, CEO of CORL. “At CORL, we believe that by empowering the vendor to affirm trustworthiness more readily, we will accelerate innovation in healthcare and support the singular aim of TPRM—to decisively reduce risk.” 

Enabling Significant Efficiency Gains in Security Assessments 

CORL Companion aims to reduce the time to complete assessments from days to minutes. For healthcare vendors who may receive ten, fifty, or even hundreds of security questionnaires each year, the cumulative impact on sales velocity and IT resource utilization is radical.

“We must remember that every minute a vendor spends responding to a security questionnaire is a minute they are not dedicating to more strategic IT initiatives. For many healthcare vendors, the same staff is performing both tasks. With CORL Companion, we are giving vendors that time back,” said Karthik Kirubakaran, Chief Technology Officer at CORL. 

Securing Sensitive Data with a Closed AI Model 

As AI continues to make its way into TPRM workflows, CORL remains steadfast in its commitment to protecting sensitive client data. CORL Companion secures customer information with a closed AI model that is hosted within CORL’s internal infrastructure, and no aspect of CORL’s AI models or data management is subcontracted to third parties. Additionally, customer data is not utilized to train or fine-tune AI models, as CORL Companion and other AI systems rely solely on internal testing and validation. 

Integrated Solutions for Enhanced Vendor Risk Management 

CORL Companion is tightly integrated with the rest of CORL’s solution, which combines technology and managed services to solve the heart of the TPRM problem for healthcare organizations and their vendors. CORL’s Vendor Portal enhances visibility and continuity between vendors and their customers. In addition, CORL augments questionnaire automation with managed services for vendors to assess and enhance their contract readiness. For vendors seeking to elevate their cybersecurity posture, CORL offers RITHM, a subscription-based program that makes key cybersecurity, risk, and compliance milestones achievable for vendors with the support of Meditology, CORL’s renowned healthcare cybersecurity consulting organization. 


About CORL Technologies 

CORL is a leading provider of vendor risk management solutions for the healthcare industry. CORL gets results by scaling organizational and vendor risk programs through our healthcare vendor risk clearinghouse solution, dashboard reporting that business owners can understand, and proven workflows that drive measurable risk reduction. CORL accelerates the speed of vendor risk assessments and holds vendors accountable for remediating risk exposures. Learn more at 


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