A Clear Path to Solving for Risk

Webinar Overview

What if TPRM could actually accelerate digital adoption and strengthen customer-vendor relationships?

TPRM should not be viewed as a bottleneck to the contracting process. Instead, it should actually accelerate digital adoption and strengthen customer-vendor relationships by building confidence around a vendor’s security controls.

If this sounds like a radical idea to you, watch the replay of this webinar and allow us to transform your perspective.

Listen in as your peers shared honest perspectives on the shortcomings of today’s TPRM approaches and define a clear and actionable standard for solving the heart of the problem in healthcare. Together with members of our client community, we explored:

  • The rising onus on healthcare information security professionals to address vendor risk.
  • Where existing approaches that are technology-only or service-only fall short.
  • Essential characteristics that will shape the future of TPRM in healthcare.
  • How these characteristics have changed everything for real cybersecurity leaders like you.
  • What will this mean for the future of vendor contracting in healthcare?

About CORL

CORL is a service-centered solution for vendor risk management, compliance, and governance that is 100% focused on the unique needs of the healthcare space. Driven by the belief that third-party vendor risk should be about business acceleration and not business prevention, we are the only platform and partner on the market to enable the velocity and validation needed for healthcare organizations to simultaneously achieve their digital goals and contain their digital risks.

Britton Burton
Senior Director of Product Strategy
CORL Technologies
Matthew Webb
AVP – Chief Product Security Officer
HealthTrust Purchasing Group