An innovative healthcare security assessment solution that enables healthcare payors and providers to spend less time reviewing security questionnaires and have better ongoing visibility into the security posture of their vendors

Extend visibility throughout the full vendor lifecycle

Traditional questionnaires measure a vendor’s security posture at a point in time. We track vendor remediation and control gaps over time..


Eliminate the overwhelm

Too many assessments; not enough internal resources. Accept the gold standard of key security requirements created by chief security officers in the healthcare industry.


Focus on improving security posture instead of proving it

When you don’t have to spend all your time reviewing multitudes of security assessments, you can give attention to what really matters.


Increase speed to contract

Reduce assessment turnaround times and security bottlenecks to keep pace with business expectations.

Achieve breadth of vendor population coverage without sacrificing depth of security due diligence

Key risk understanding across your entire vendor landscape is a far superior security position than a deep understanding for a few vendors. 

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