Healthcare vendor risk, made clear.

A third-party risk management solution that actually solves the problem.

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Third-party risk management in healthcare is broken, and it takes more than an interface to fix it.

As a service-centered solution for third-party risk management in healthcare, we tackle the hard problems at the heart of healthcare TPRM, transforming it into a great accelerator of vendor relationships.

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100% focused on healthcare

We know healthcare’s clinical, operational, and regulatory realities inside and out.

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Bring technology and services together

We combine the strengths of each to deliver validated vendor risk data in a standardized, scalable way.

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Focused on both sides of the vendor contract

We strengthen customer-vendor relationships by providing clarity for all.

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Beyond assessments

We empower you to quantify risk, prioritize remediation, and make more informed decisions.

It's time for an industry sea change

Creating a standardized assessment process that's faster, more efficient, and more effective. For the entire healthcare ecosystem.

CORL Cleared™ reduces the need for long questionnaires by evaluating a set of key security assurances to enable healthcare organizations to quickly see what vendors/products are suitable for contract. 

Reduce the need for time-consuming questionnaires

Stop assessment bottlenecks & increase speed to contract readiness

Free up internal resources to focus on higher security priorities

Provide fast and accurate responses to your clients

Vendors, get invited to CORL Cleared™

My description of CORL is that I can sleep well knowing my third-party risk is being managed.

– Director of Information Technology, Large National Health System

Resources and insights on third-party risk.