Effective Date: April 1, 2024

CORL Technologies, LLC and its affiliated companies, (“CORL” or “we” or “our”) is dedicated to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of information entrusted to it. As part of this fundamental obligation, CORL is committed to the appropriate protection and use of personal information (sometimes referred to as “personal data”, “personally identifiable information” or “PII”) that has been collected online.

Generally, our intent is to collect only the personal information that is provided voluntarily by online visitors so that we can offer information and/or services to those individuals or offer information about employment opportunities. Please review this privacy statement (“Privacy Statement”) to learn more about how we collect, use, share and protect the personal information that we have obtained.

  1. Collection and use of personal information

                       1.1   What information we collect          

                       1.2  The legal grounds we have to use your personal information

                       1.3   Automatic collection of personal information

                               1.3.1 IP address

                               1.3.2 Cookies

                               1.3.3 Google Analytics

                               1.3.4 Web beacons

                               1.3.5 Location-based tools

                  1.4 AI Usage

                  1.5 Social media widgets and applications

                  1.6 Children

  1. Sharing and transfer of PERSONAL INFORMATION
  2. Choices
  3. Access
  4. Data security and integrity
  5. Links to other sites
  6. Changes to this statement         
  7. Policy questions and enforcement
  8. Collection and use of personal information

1.1         What information we collect

We acquire personal information when voluntarily provided by you, such as when contacting mailboxes or enrolling in specific services. In certain instances, you may have previously furnished personal details to CORL (e.g., as a former employee of a customer or vendor). If you opt to register or log in to a CORL website or service using a third-party Single Sign-On Service, or “SSO” that verifies your identity (e.g., auth0, Microsoft SAML, ect.) with CORL, we will collect pertinent information and content necessary for the registration or log-in, as permitted by the SSO provider. This may include your name and email address and authenticate via the provider. The scope of collected information depends on your privacy settings with the SSO provider, so kindly review the privacy statement or policy of the relevant service.

Upon registering or submitting personal information to CORL, we will utilize this data as specified in this Privacy Statement. Your personal information will not be utilized for purposes other than outlined in this statement, unless explicit permission is obtained, or when required or allowed by law or professional standards. For instance, if you register on a CORL website and share preferences, we will use this data to tailor your user experience. In cases where you register or log in via a third-party single sign-in, we may recognize you as the same user across various devices and customize your experience on other CORL sites you visit.

In situations where you have enrolled in specific services, we will temporarily retain your email address until we obtain confirmation of the details you provided through an email. This involves sending an email to the provided email address as part of your registration process to verify a subscription request.
1.2         The legal grounds we have to use your personal information

At CORL, our practice is to gather solely the essential personal data required to address your inquiries or requests. Should we seek any additional, optional details, you will be promptly informed during the data collection process.

Regarding the processing of personal information, we operate within the bounds of legal frameworks, ensuring compliance at every step. Transparency is paramount, and we are obligated to disclose the legal grounds guiding our data processing activities. Consequently, when handling your personal information, we adhere to specific processing conditions, which include:

  • Performance of a Contract: This pertains to situations where processing your personal information is essential to fulfill our contractual obligations.
  • Legal Obligation: Under this condition, we process your personal information to meet legal mandates, such as tax record-keeping or providing information to governmental or law enforcement authorities.
  • Legitimate Interests: We engage in processing your information when it aligns with our legitimate interests in conducting lawful business operations, ensuring that such interests do not override your own rights and interests.
  • Your Consent: At times, we may request your explicit consent to process specific personal information. We only proceed with processing upon receiving your consent, which you can withdraw at any time by contacting us at [email protected].

Examples of the legitimate interests mentioned above include:

  • Providing information and services to website visitors and sharing details about employment opportunities.
  • Safeguarding our IT systems and preventing fraud or criminal activities.
  • Enhancing individuals' online experiences and optimizing the performance, usability, and effectiveness of CORL's online platforms.
  • Personalizing your experience using the CORL platform and improving our services.
  • Conducting and analyzing marketing activities to better serve our audience.
  • Fulfilling our corporate and social responsibility obligations.
  • Providing information confidentially as part of a potential sale or acquisition of CORL.
  • Exercising our fundamental rights within the EU, including the freedom to conduct business and the right to property as outlined in Articles 16 and 17 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

1.3 Collection of Personal Information

At times, CORL and its service providers employ cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to automatically gather specific types of data when you engage with us online, including through exchanged emails. This information collection enables us to tailor your online experience, enhance the performance, usability, and effectiveness of CORL’s digital presence, and assess the efficacy of our marketing endeavors.

1.3.1       IP addresses

An IP address serves as a unique identifier assigned to your computer each time you connect to the internet. It facilitates communication between computers and servers by enabling them to recognize and interact with one another. We record the IP addresses from which visitors access our platform for IT security and system diagnostic purposes. Additionally, this information is often aggregated to analyze website trends and performance.

1.3.2       Cookies

Whenever you visit our website, cookies are usually placed on your computer or internet-enabled device. These cookies enable the site to recognize your computer or device and serve various purposes. Some of our websites feature a notification banner, known as a cookie banner, which allows you to manage your consent for cookie collection. Below is a summary of the types of cookies collected on our websites and how your consent may affect your experience with certain features as you navigate these sites:

Strictly necessary cookies: Strictly necessary cookies are crucial for users to navigate the website and access its features, including secure areas. These cookies must be enabled for the site to function properly and cannot be blocked.

Performance cookies: Performance cookies are utilized to collect data aimed at improving the website's performance.

Functionality cookies: Functionality cookies are designed to recall customer selections that modify the site's behavior or appearance. While you have the option to opt-out of these cookies, it may affect your experience on the website, potentially requiring you to re-enter certain selections each time you visit.

Targeting cookies or advertising cookies: Targeting cookies are employed to deliver content tailored to your interests. They serve to restrict the frequency of certain marketing materials you encounter and aid in assessing the effectiveness of those materials. If you withhold consent for targeting cookies, your computer or internet-enabled device will not be monitored for marketing-related activities.

Should you opt to reverse your decision, you can accomplish this by clearing your browser's cookies or adjusting your preferences within the cookie banner.

Further information about managing cookies can be found in your browser’s help file or through sites such as

Additional third-party tools and widgets may occasionally be integrated into our individual web pages to enhance functionality. Depending on your browser preferences and cookie banner settings, these tools or widgets may utilize cookies to streamline their service and ensure proper display on our webpages.

It's important to note that cookies alone do not disclose your email address or personally identify you. In our analytical reports, we may gather other identifiers such as IP addresses. However, this information is solely used to track the number of unique visitors to our websites and analyze geographic trends among visitors, without identifying individuals.

1.3.3       Web beacons

A web beacon, a small image file embedded within a web page, can capture specific information from your computer, including your IP address, the time content was viewed, browser type, and whether cookies were previously set by the same server. CORL strictly adheres to applicable laws when utilizing web beacons.

CORL and its service providers employ web beacons to assess the effectiveness of third-party websites that offer recruiting or marketing services, as well as to compile aggregate visitor statistics and manage cookies.

In some instances, such as newsletters and other communications, we track recipient actions, such as email open rates, through embedded links within the messages. This data collection aims to gauge user interest and improve future user experiences.

1.3.4      Location-based tools

CORL will gather and utilize the geographical location of your computer or mobile device. This data is obtained to furnish you with information about services that we deem relevant to your geographic location and to enhance our location-based offerings.

1.4 AI Usage

All AI models used by CORL are hosted within our infrastructure, ensuring that customer data is stored and processed directly on our servers, thereby granting us full control over the security and privacy of this information. We do not involve any third parties in managing or controlling customer data related to AI models, maintaining complete control over your information. Additionally, customer data is not utilized to train or fine-tune our AI models; instead, our systems rely on internal testing and validation for improvement. This means that no customer data is incorporated into CORL AI models. Moreover, stringent security measures, including industry-standard encryption techniques, are implemented to safeguard customer data during transit and while stored within our AI systems. We also enforce controls to restrict internal access to customer data, based on individuals' roles and responsibilities within the organization.

1.5       Social media widgets and applications

CORL websites commonly offer features for sharing content through third-party social media platforms like the “follow-us on LinkedIn” widget. These social media tools may collect and utilize data regarding your interactions with CORL websites, as outlined in the details provided for 'Social Sharing' cookies. Any personal information you share through these social media applications may also be collected and used by other users and governed by the privacy policies of the respective social media companies. We do not exercise control over these companies or their handling of your information.

Furthermore, CORL websites may host various social media features such as blogs, forums, and crowd-sourcing tools aimed at facilitating knowledge and content sharing. Personal information shared on these platforms is typically accessible to other users, unless stated otherwise at the time of collection. Our control over such information and its dissemination is often limited or nonexistent.

1.6        Children

We do not knowingly target or solicit personal information from children under the age of 13 or send them requests for personal information.

  1. Sharing and transfer of personal information

2.1         Transfers to third parties

We do not share personal information with third parties, except as necessary for our legitimate professional and business needs, to carry out your requests, and/or as required or permitted by law or professional standards. CORL will also typically store personal information outside of the EEA. We will only send data to the United States of America. If we do this your personal information will continue to be protected by means of contracts we have in place with those organizations outside the EEA, containing standard data protection clauses which are in a form approved by the European Commission.

CORL will not transfer the personal information you provide to any third parties for their own direct marketing use.

  1. Choices

To receive further details about our services and events, CORL may request certain personal information from you. Additionally, we seek your permission for specific uses of your personal data, allowing you to either agree or decline. Should you opt-in for particular services or communications, such as e-newsletters, you retain the option to unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions provided in each communication. Upon opting out, we endeavor to promptly remove your information, though additional details may be necessary to process your request.

As discussed in the "Cookies" section above, if you prefer to prevent cookies from tracking your activities on our sites, you can adjust your browser settings to reject all cookies or prompt notification when a cookie is being sent. It's important to note, however, that certain parts of our sites may not function correctly if you choose to reject cookies.

  1. Data security and integrity

Safeguarding the security and confidentiality of your personal data is a top priority for us. We implement a range of technical, administrative, and physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, and misuse of your personal information.

For instance, we utilize Transport Security Layer (TSL) encryption to secure the data collection forms on our website. Additionally, access to customer information is strictly limited to authorized personnel, with only employees who require access to perform specific job functions, such as customer service representatives, being granted access to personal data. These employees are regularly trained to stay abreast of our security and privacy protocols.

We also advise you to take precautions to prevent unauthorized access to your password and computer. It's essential to close your browser after completing your visit to the site to further protect your information.

  1. Changes to this statement

CORL reserves the right to periodically update this Privacy Statement to reflect our evolving privacy practices. Any modifications to this statement will be indicated by revising the "updated" date at the top of this page. If there are changes to how we process personal data outlined in this Privacy Statement that impact you, we will communicate these changes through an appropriate channel based on our standard communication methods with you.

6. Policy questions and enforcement

CORL is committed to protecting the online privacy of your personal information. If you have questions or comments about our administration of your personal information, please contact us at [email protected]. You may also use this address to communicate any concerns you may have regarding compliance with our Privacy Statement.