A Clear Path to Solving for Risk

Data sheet Overview

What does it take to actually solve vendor risk once and for all? Find out in this definitive guide.

Are you feeling the pressure of the intensified threat landscape in healthcare, the rising number of vendor-associated breaches, and the increasing number of vendors that can access your network? Are you feeling hamstrung by the number of technologies that service providers on the market that claim to help, but fail to actually solve the problem? It doesn’t have to be that way.

In this definitive guide, we break down the key tenets that are required to actually solve the growing TPRM problem. Its content is informed by our leadership team’s years of experience serving as healthcare CISOs, our long track record serving the nation’s largest payors and providers, and our expansive, 70%+ coverage of the healthcare vendor community. 


Download it to discover:


  • Why there are a glut of vendor risk management players, but no real solutions.
  • The shortcomings of existing technology-only and service-only approaches to healthcare TPRM.
  • Critical success factors for healthcare TPRM, identified by real cybersecurity leaders like you.
  • An actionable roadmap to transform TPRM into the accelerator of digital adoption it should be.
  • And more…