Data is King: The Power of Vendor Risk Data & Analytics

Webinar Overview

The supply chain is under siege from relentless cyberattacks. Foreign spy agencies are mounting brazen and callous attacks and cybercriminals are selling data and taking ransoms for big profits. The ability to get visibility into third-party vendor supply chains and their respective security and compliance postures is becoming a strategic priority for many organizations.

As a result, security and risk teams have become overwhelmed by the tsunami of requests for vendor security risk assessments. These same teams are also under pressure from procurement and business stakeholders to quickly validate and approve vendors for operations. The current staffing and process models for rapidly assessing every vendor in the supply chain is no longer sustainable.

What if it was possible to access completed vendor risk assessments and take advantage of the most recent and up-to-date vetting and validated vendor risk intelligence without having to start from scratch every time? What if there was a database of up-to-date assessment results that could be leveraged across the industry?

You are in luck. Armanino LLP has partnered with CORL Technologies to bring you insights and aggregate risk trends from CORL's database of security assessments for over 80,000 supply chain vendors.

The data doesn't lie. Join us for this informative webinar where we reveal insights and highlight vendor risk characteristics and associated risk levels. Learn valuable intel from our supply chain risk data to help you better identify vendors with higher risk potential and prioritize assessment and remediation efforts more effectively.

Jay Stewart
Vice President of Sales
CORL Technologies
Kevin Guy
Managing Director - Third Party Risk Service
Armanino LLP