Healthcare’s Response to a ‘Credible and Imminent’ Ransomware Attack

Webinar Overview

The FBI recently issued an urgent advisory for a credible and imminent ransomware attack on the U.S. healthcare system. The attack was reportedly planned for over 400 healthcare entities and indications are that the attack is already underway.

Healthcare organizations are moving swiftly to deploy capabilities to predict, detect, contain, and respond to these attacks.

Listen in and get caught up on the evolving attack and countermeasures:-

  • Ransomware attack trends and escalating impacts to patient safety and clinical operations
  • FBI / DHS / CISA alert summary and details
  • Specifics about this attack including details on the attackers and the Ryuk / Trickbot malware
  • Information about ransomware cybercriminal groups and business models
  • Regulatory and financial implications
  • Recommendations including short-term and long-term ransomware prevention, detection, and response tactics for healthcare entities

See our related urgent bulletin for the FBI’s alert on imminent ransomware attacks on healthcare.