Russia/Ukraine Cyber Threat Intelligence for Healthcare Vendor Risk Programs

Webinar Overview

Healthcare organizations are scrambling to adjust their cybersecurity preparation and response capabilities in the wake of potential cyberattacks stemming from the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

CORL has been monitoring the situation closely and working with our customers and vendors to understand the extent of cybersecurity risks impacting third- and fourth-party vendor vendors servicing healthcare.

In this webinar, CORL has partnered with leading darknet threat intelligence provider DarkOwl to share our collective insights and analysis on the evolving cyber threat and its impact to healthcare vendor risk management programs:

  • An overview of threats and attack vectors stemming from the Russia-Ukraine cyber conflict
  • Guidance from federal agencies including the CISA, FBI, & NSA
  • Darknet analysis of activity in the lead up to the invasion of Ukraine
  • Analysis of ongoing darknet activity and threat intelligence as the conflict evolves
  • Threat intelligence on third- and fourth-party healthcare vendors at risk from these attacks
  • Analysis of CORL’s vendor risk data for impacted healthcare vendors
  • Recommendations for healthcare CISOs and vendor risk management programs
About DarkOwl

DarkOwl is a Denver-based company that empowers organizations to continually improve their cybersecurity defenses using darknet intelligence. The DarkOwl Vision platform provides access to the world’s largest index of DARKINT™ (darknet, deep web and high-risk surface web) content, along with the tools and services to efficiently find leaked or otherwise compromised sensitive data.

Meet the Presenters

Cliff Baker
CORL Technologies

Brian Selfridge CORL Technologies  

Brian Selfridge
CORL Technologies


John Williamson
EVP Sales