SolarWinds & Securing the Supply Chain

Webinar Overview

A groundbreaking cyberattack against IT network solutions provider SolarWinds has shaken the foundation of traditional cybersecurity and risk management models. This single attack against a third-party vendor in the supply chain has yielded Russian actors with unauthorized access to thousands of government and private sector organizations in one fell swoop.

The SolarWinds attack exposes the dependencies that organizations have on their supply chains and the security risks that can be introduced through third-party access to networks and information. Swift action is needed for security programs to pivot focus to securing the sprawling supply chain.

In this session, CORL Technologies provides a summary of recent supply chain attacks and delivers recommendations for organizations to assess and take mitigation actions to establish robust vendor risk management programs.

  • An overview of high-profile supply chain attacks including SolarWinds and NotPetya
  • Trends in attack methods and motives including Russian state-sponsored actors
  • Recommendations for protecting your organization from the SolarWinds attack
  • Solutions for tackling supply chain risks including technology automation, people, and process
  • Common pitfalls for vendor risk management programs
  • The future of supply chain risk management and innovations underway in the marketplace to scale to address this challenge

Brian Selfridge
CORL Technologies
Jay Stewart
Vice President of Sales
CORL Technologies