The Need for Speed in Vendor Risk Assessments

Webinar Overview

Lengthy vendor security reviews are costing businesses time and money and generating frustration on all sides. Vendor risk management (VRM) teams are unable to keep pace with the break-neck speed at which business operates.

CORL operates vendor risk management programs for hundreds of organizations and has assessed over 80,000 vendors to date. We have optimized vendor risk data, automation, workflow, process, and technology to expedite the vendor risk assessment process.

Listen in and discover ways to deliver what the business needs most from your VRM program: SPEED!

  • Avoid security teams being viewed as an obstruction to the business and procurement cycles
  • Expedite sales cycles and increase vendor response and assessment cycles
  • Allow security teams to focus more time on risk management rather than data collection
  • Handle and scale unpredictable vendor assessment volumes and timing
  • Meet and exceed business and procurement stakeholders’ expectations on turnaround times
  • Adopt best practices for VRM data reuse, workflow, automation, process, and technology

Meet the Presenter | Jay Stewart, Vice President of Sales

As the Vice President of Sales, Jay is responsible for driving sales efforts for CORL with a focus on growing the company’s enterprise, channel and client bases. Jay has over 10 years of experience in the healthcare information security space.

As a frequent speaker, Jay has strong operational experience in Vendor Risk Management programs and has deep knowledge of regulatory and compliance frameworks, including HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO, and NIST.

Fun facts about Jay:
  • Jay is a Tottenham supporter, avid golfer, enjoys playing soccer, and is his neighborhood’s wiffle ball home run derby champion.