Top 10 Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Predictions for 2024

Infographic Overview

As we head into a new year, we forecast significant shifts in the landscape of healthcare cybersecurity in 2024.

The healthcare sector stands at a unique juncture - one that marries innovation with vulnerability in an intricate matrix of technology and data exchange. The threat environment is ceaselessly changing, compounded by geopolitical uncertainties and evolving regulations. Healthcare organizations continually walk the tightrope of delivering superior, accessible care while ensuring stringent protection of sensitive patient data against relentless cyber threats.

The rapid pace of change in cybersecurity requires a dynamic and forward-thinking approach and an ability to focus on the cyber threats of today while maintaining a watchful eye on the threats that may emerge tomorrow. CORL supports hundreds of healthcare entities across the country and assesses thousands of vendors each year. With that experience, we have compiled the top 10 healthcare cybersecurity risks for 2024 to help you map out your defensive strategy heading into the new year.