Integration of HITRUST Results Distribution System (RDS) with CORL Technologies Revolutionizes Healthcare Third-Party Risk Management Strategies

ATLANTA, Jan 16, 2024 - The healthcare industry takes a crucial step forward in optimizing operational efficiency and risk management with the integration of HITRUST Results Distribution System (RDS) and CORL Technologies. This strategic partnership aims to simplify third-party risk management strategies, enhancing security and fostering seamless collaboration among healthcare facilities. 

As healthcare organizations increasingly rely on third-party vendors, managing the associated risks has become a top priority. Risk managers, IT security teams, legal teams, procurements, and C-suite executives face complex challenges when assessing and monitoring vendor risks. The collaboration between HITRUST RDS and CORL Technologies is set to transform this landscape by bringing innovative technology solutions to the forefront. 

HITRUST RDS provides a centralized platform for securely sharing and consuming HITRUST assessment results, streamlining the process of vendor risk management. By integrating with CORL Technologies, this powerful solution offers healthcare facilities an unprecedented advantage in simplifying the management of vendor risks. 

One of the key benefits of this integration is the electronic delivery and review of results through a secure portal and application programming interface (API). This method ensures enhanced security, as sensitive data is transmitted and accessed in a controlled environment. The result is an efficient and reliable system that minimizes administrative burdens while prioritizing data protection. 

"The integration of HITRUST RDS and CORL Technologies represents a significant milestone in the healthcare industry," said Mikael Öhman, CEO of CORL Technologies. "Healthcare facilities can now streamline their vendor risk management strategies, enabling them to focus on patient care while maintaining the highest standards of data security." 

Healthcare organizations utilizing this integrated solution will experience optimized operational efficiency, reduced manual efforts, and increased accuracy in assessing and mitigating vendor risks. By leveraging advanced technology, risk managers, IT security teams, and other stakeholders can make data-driven decisions with confidence, ultimately safeguarding patient information and upholding regulatory compliance. 

The integration of HITRUST RDS with CORL Technologies marks an exciting turning point in the healthcare industry's approach to third-party risk management. This innovative collaboration empowers healthcare facilities to proactively address potential risks, fostering a culture of trust and accountability. 

For more information about the integration of HITRUST RDS and CORL Technologies, please visit or contact [email protected]. 


About HITRUST: HITRUST is a leading organization dedicated to championing programs that safeguard sensitive healthcare data. Their comprehensive framework addresses security, privacy, and regulatory compliance challenges, enabling organizations to mitigate risks effectively. 

About CORL Technologies: CORL is a leading provider of vendor risk management solutions for the healthcare industry. CORL gets results by scaling organizational and vendor risk programs through our healthcare vendor risk clearinghouse solution, dashboard reporting that business owners can understand, and proven workflows that drive measurable risk reduction. CORL accelerates the speed of vendor risk assessments and holds vendors accountable for remediating risk exposures. Together with sister company Meditology (, healthcare's preeminent cybersecurity consulting firm and certification body. 

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