An innovative preemptive security assessment solution that reduces bottlenecks in the contracting process for healthcare vendors. 

Take control of the assessment process

Rather than assessment being a hurdle in the sales process, take control before you approach a client and turn it into a competitive advantage.  


Eliminate the overwhelm

Too many questionnaires; not enough internal resources. Avoid multiple redundant lengthy questionnaires by proving your security posture with one gold standard of key security requirements recognized by many.


Focus on improving security posture instead of proving it

When you don’t have to spend all your time filling out multitudes of security assessments, you can give attention to what really matters.


Increase speed to contract

Facilitate the transparency and speed that vendors and customers crave in the TPRM process. Reduce sales cycles and recognize revenue sooner. 

Align your team’s strengths

Relieve your sales team from babysitting the contract process and your security experts from filling out assessments. Share with other products and departments.

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