CORL Announces New VP of Product and Chief Technology Officer to Advance Service-Centered Technology Solution for Third-Party Risk Management

June 6, 2022 - Atlanta, GA - CORL Technologies, LLC, the leading provider of service-centered vendor risk management solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced the strategic addition of Bart Layton as Vice President of Product and Karthik Kirubakaran as Chief Technology Officer. These roles underscore CORL’s unwavering commitment to developing and delivering solutions that solve for risk and transform TPRM from a bottleneck into a powerful accelerator of digital adoption. The addition of Bart and Karthik comes months after CORL announced a strategic growth investment from private equity firm, Primus Capital, in January.

Bart is a senior software product leader specializing in healthcare information systems. He comes to CORL with extensive experience in business process improvement, user-centered design, and product development. Prior to joining CORL, Bart headed digital product strategy for a large health and human services firm. He has led system integrations for health insurance and pharmacy companies, as well as state and federal government programs, and served as head of product for eligibility and enrollment at

Bart’s unique perspective will enable him to not only lead CORL in the development of truly best-in-class solutions, but also to ensure those solutions enable a meaningful improvement in the business processes that underpin third-party vendor risk management in healthcare today. His expertise in the healthcare ecosystem reinforces CORL’s unwavering commitment to serving the unique needs of payors, providers, and the business associates that serve them.

Karthik is a seasoned business-focused technology professional with specializations in technology modernization, intelligent automation, augmented AI, and data analytics. Karthik brings a multifaceted set of experiences to CORL, having worked with key stakeholders as a trusted advisor on business transformation efforts—from strategy through implementation. Karthik has led large scale, multi-vendor, global delivery teams in strategic execution across multiple industries, including health and life sciences (payer, PBM, and pharmaceuticals), pharmacy, food services, retail, government, and financial services.

Karthik’s cross-stakeholder perspective, industry domain expertise, and ability to lead strategic execution will powerfully advance CORL’s efforts to reimagine third-party risk management in a way that benefits the many stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem. In addition, his deep experience in automation and analytics will support strategic technology enhancements that enable CORL’s clients to achieve greater scalability and strategic insight spanning their third-party and fourth-party vendor ecosystems.

“People, process, and product excellence have always been at the heart of our approach here at CORL,” said Cliff Baker, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CORL. “We recognize the integral role of technology in solving third-party risk management in healthcare and are committed to developing solutions that unleash the full potential of our service-centered approach and make a real impact on the lives of our client stakeholders. The addition of Bart and Karthik will enable us to accelerate and realize our vision for the transformation of TPRM, a space that stands ready for change.”

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