CORL's services seamlessly integrate with industry-leading vendor risk management technology solutions including cyber risk scoring, GRC, and third-party risk management platforms.

Vendor cyber risk scores, GRC, and TPRM solutions alone do not result in risk reduction. CORL’s strategic partnerships and integration points allow you to:

  • Leverage your investments in risk management technology solutions
  • Get results by combining technical solutions with CORL’s proven workflows, processes, people, and managed services
  • Scale your program and drive efficiencies through automation
Technology Integration
Technology Integration


Cyber risk ratings are data-driven, dynamic external measurements of an organization’s cybersecurity performance. More visibility into a vendor’s external security posture results in a clearer risk picture early on in the assessment process.

External security ratings can help accelerate and scale third-party risk management programs when coupled with CORL’s capabilities. Our managed services, workflow engine, and validation processes provide an inside view of the vendor's security posture.

We leverage the power of data, processes, and services to drive vendors to remediate your highest risk exposures.

CORL integrates with cyber risk scoring solutions to drive efficiencies around:

  • Vendor Risk Tiering
  • Pre-Contract & Vendor Security Reassessments
  • Validation
  • Remediation
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Integrated Reporting for your Third-Party Risk Management Program


Technology Integration


CORL maintains strategic partnerships and seamlessly integrates industry-leading GRC solutions.

GRC integration with CORL’s managed services supports your third-party risk management program through:

  • Capturing and reporting vendor risk in a centralized tool
  • Automated workflows and data transfer
  • Questionnaire management and automation

In support of our clients, CORL has process integrations with the following GRC partners:

Technology Integration


CORL integrates and partners with technology platforms dedicated to third-party risk management. These solutions help automate key workflows and reporting to drive efficiencies in the vendor risk management lifecycle.

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The value-add CORL brings is scalability to execute our VRM program. We need a partner because our internal teams can’t scale and be as robust as the CORL platform. CORL provides great customer service, is willing to work with us to continue to efficiency, and they provide quality reports and a view that our people can consume and take action on. Deliverables that identify the risk, that communicate to vendor and to the Business, and we can all do something about it.

– Director of Enterprise Information Security Office
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I rate the value of CORL as a 5 out of 5. We don’t have the ability to do this in-house, period. The depth of work that is put into the process would requires us to have a few staff. It’s extremely valuable to have CORL and we definitely use CORL as an extension of our team. I simply cannot replace the amount of work and value CORL provides.

– Director of Information Security Compliance
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We are really able to scale our third-party monitoring now. Before CORL, we only performed assessments on new vendors or certain vendors we felt were high risk - very arbitrary. Now we have a much more structured approach on assessing our existing vendors - a part of our third-party risk management program that we hadn’t addressed before.

– Senior Risk and Compliance Manager
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CORL is exceptionally valuable for an insanely great price point. Thinking about the work effort alone, I would have to double my team or lose my mind. I would need another 4- or 5-person team to manage the ~980 vendor relationships.

– Information Security Officer