CORL Technologies Launches Vendor Risk Management Resource Center

ATLANTA, GA - July 6, 2020 - CORL Technologies LLC, an industry-leading provider of tech-enabled managed services for vendor risk management, has launched a new Resource Center that shares insights and leading practices from premier vendor risk programs.

The new Resource Center features a wide range of content dedicated to sharing vendor risk management leading practices including blogs, educational webinars, podcasts with industry innovators, and more. Content is updated weekly and made available on-demand to accommodate the busy schedules of security and risk management practitioners.

“We see a paradigm shift currently underway for the migration of critical business functions to third-party and cloud-based platforms. The ability to get visibility into third-party data supply chains and their respective security and compliance postures will soon become the paramount mandate for information security and risk programs,” said Cliff Baker, CEO of CORL Technologies.

“Effective security and compliance programs of the next decade must quickly adjust their orientation towards the oversight and protection of downstream vendors and systems responsible for critical business functions,” said Baker. “We are excited to continue to drive innovation for third-party risk programs and accelerate the learning curve for organizations that need to adapt quickly to the changing risk landscape introduced by our increased dependence on third-party business solutions.”

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CORL is a leading provider of tech-enabled managed services for third-party and vendor risk management and compliance. CORL gets results by scaling vendor risk programs through our robust data on over 65,000 vendors, real-time reporting that business owners can understand, and proven workflows that drive vendors to measurable risk reduction. Visit and follow us on LinkedIn to learn more.

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