Third-party incident response for healthcare.

It’s not whether you will respond to an incident, it’s how.

In today’s healthcare ecosystem, a breach of some kind has become more than a statistical likelihood, but a near-certainty. In this context, the most important question becomes ‘how will you respond’?

Specifically focused on third-party incidents in healthcare, CORL Third-Party Incident Response is a managed solution that empowers healthcare organizations and their vendor communities to prepare, share, and respond more effectively than ever before.

What it Solves

CORL Third-Party Incident Response was designed based on real client feedback about the real incident response challenges faced by healthcare organizations and third-parties. Here are the big obstacles we’re tackling head on.

Improve Preparedness Icon

Improve preparedness.

Prepare your entire vendor community and build a data foundation of stone by scoring readiness by vendor, vendor tier and in aggregate.

Extend visibility Icon

Extend visibility.

See and understand the implications of every incident with impact mapping, live response tracking, and consolidated reports.

Eliminate confusion Icon

Eliminate confusion.

Transform post-incident chaos into clarity by developing a communication plan for each vendor, complete with proper contacts and escalations.

Lighten Load Icon

Lighten the load.

Sleep well at night with an expert partner for scalable outreach, response management, and ongoing reporting.

Affirm Compliance Icon

Affirm compliance.

Comply confidently with an approach that was made to uphold healthcare-specific frameworks and requirements.

Unify Efforts Icon

Unify your efforts.

Eliminate siloes by integrating your incident response efforts with CORL’s service-centered solution for healthcare TPRM.

For all healthcare organizations, but especially yours.

Do you have a growing number of vendors? Does the looming likelihood of a breach keep you up at night? When it happens, will you be uncertain who to call? If you answered yes to any of these questions, CORL Third-Party Incident Response was made for you.

How it Works


Build Data Foundation Illustration

Build a data foundation.

Ready your data before the incident. Define IR points of contact, escalation paths, preferred communication channels, fourth parties, and more.


Improve preparedness at scale.

Build out a Third-Party Incident Preparedness (TPIP) profile for all of your vendors. Score preparedness, fill gaps, and improve readiness across your third-party ecosystem.


Get insight into incident impact.

Map the impact of each and every incident. Rely on our Third-Party Incident Impact (TPI3) workflow to execute a clear, coordinated, and highly efficient campaign.

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