Fourth-Party Vendor Risk Management & Incident Response

Webinar Overview

Healthcare organizations have become increasingly dependent on third-party vendors in the supply chain to deliver mission-critical operational and support services. Those same third-party vendors also rely upon vendors and products in their own supply chain to service your organization (also known as fourth-party vendors).

Critical vulnerabilities in fourth-party vendors, products, and services have plagued healthcare organizations in recent years and led to devastating breach events and adverse outcomes.

Global attacks on fourth-party solutions like Log4j, SolarWinds, and Microsoft have highlighted that the industry is ill-prepared to execute a coordinated response to such events.

This informative session answered some of the healthcare industry’s fundamental questions for managing fourth-party risks:

  • How do you know which vendors are using vulnerable fourth-party solutions?
  • How do you know that your third-party vendors are effectively mitigating such exposures?
  • How can you report and manage your own risk exposures associated with third- and fourth-party risks?
  • What operational processes should be in place to detect and respond to the next big fourth-party vulnerability or breach event?
  • What innovative solutions are being developed in the market to drive visibility and mitigation of fourth-party risks?

CORL Technologies has been continually innovating new technology and processes designed to drive industry-wide responses to fourth-party risks that create speed in visibility and risk mitigation activities.

The event outlined current risk mitigation models and innovative approaches for mitigating supply chain risks that extend to fourth parties.