Abandoning the Assessment Factory

Blog Post by Jay Stewart, Vice President of Sales at CORL Technologies

Remember the days when every organization maintained a troop of IT engineers somewhere in the basement that spent countless days and nights racking, stacking, and networking servers? Everyone had established their own in-house technology infrastructure factory and was deeply invested in managing an operational IT function that was far removed from the core capabilities and mission of the business. That is until one day we collectively realized that IT infrastructure could be better delivered as a service via outsourced and cloud-hosted platforms that more efficiently manage and scale our IT capabilities.

Now imagine a time when cybersecurity and risk management leaders maintain a troop of security analysts that spend countless days and nights manually conducting security and privacy risk assessments of vendors, applications, devices, and processes. These assessment factories spend the majority of time collecting and regurgitating risk and vulnerability data and are far removed from the core objective of analyzing and advising the business on risks and risk treatment to support the organization’s mission. Does this story sound familiar?

The day has, thankfully, arrived when security and risk teams are finally getting out of the business of collecting risk data themselves and leveraging outsourced services and technology to more efficiently manage and scale assessments. Security and risk teams are being freed up to truly manage risk and enable the core mission of the business.

CORL’s tech-enabled managed services provide the people, processes, data, and technology to collect and analyze risk for your organization. Our risk assessment and reporting engine and tools are designed to manage assessments of all types and flavors at scale.

CORL’s Assessment Engine Delivers:
  • Vendor risk assessments (company and product assessments)
  • Application risk assessments (in-house developed or third-party on premises apps)
  • IoT and medical device assessments
  • IT infrastructure assessments
  • Privacy assessments
  • Cloud security assessments
  • Compliance assessments
  • Onsite audits
  • Other assessments as needed

Much like IT cloud-hosted providers, CORL maintains specialized experts dedicated to delivering our core capabilities and we implement proven assessment technology and workflows that deliver efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality output. Our reporting dashboards and data analytics allow you to refocus on your team on making sense of assessment data to drive informed risk decisions for the business.

If you have not done so already, now is the time to abandon your in-house assessment factory and put your highly-paid and trained risk management professionals to work for the reasons you hired them: to communicate and manage risk for the enterprise.

Contact us at CORL to learn more about how we can help you achieve better risk outcomes at scale and for a fraction of the price of maintaining your own dedicated factory of assessors.

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